Historical Heritage

A former Portuguese colony until the return of sovereignty to China in 1999, Macau has been a strategic trading port and meeting point between the East and the West. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Macau Historic Centre are testimonies of the blend of eastern and western cultures in harmony. Macau’s profound historical and cultural importance have continued to attract the attention of leisure visitors and scholars from all parts of the world.

A Vibrant Lifestyle

Despite its small size, Macau is a populous and, more importantly, an international metropolitan with a vibrant lifestyle. Macau’s synergy of traditional and modern cultures creates a unique living and studying experience – from its many traditional festivals of the East and the West, to its many renowned international events and exhibitions.

The Las Vegas of the East

Following the liberalization of the gaming industry and the booming tourism industry, Macau has become known as the Las Vegas of the East and is among the world’s richest regions in terms of GDP per capita and a major recreation destination. In recent years, Macau’s exhibition industry has become increasingly competitive, creating innumerable opportunities for business and cultural exchange.