The Cambridge Clare Hall Visiting Fellowship Programme started in 2006 on the purpose of facilitating academic members in UM to conduct research and academic collaboration with world-leading scholars and researchers in Clare Hall of Cambridge University.  Clare Hall is a graduate college in the Cambridge University with a reputation of internationally diverse and intellectually dynamic centre for advanced studies which attracts visiting scholars from universities around the world.

Under this programme, the University of Macau sends two Visiting Fellows per academic year (each at a different 6-month period) to Clare Hall of the Cambridge University. Faculty members must apply through the Global Affairs Office and receive endorsement from the Dean before they are recommended to Clare Hall. The Global Affairs Office then sends out recommendations according to the administrative calendar sets by Clare Hall each year. Upon completion of required Application Form and approval from the Visiting Fellowship Committee of Clare Hall, nominated scholars from UM will be entitled to a 6-month fellowship in Clare Hall of the Cambridge University. Direct application from individual staff member will not accepted by Clare Hall, as GAO is the designated point of administrative contact in UM. Nominated scholars from UM must apply for Sabbatical Leave to undertake this Fellowship. For details of Sabbatical Leave, please refer to the link of the Human Resources Office:


GAO provides general administrative support, applications guidelines, and advices on travel and visa.  General Office of your Faculty may be able to answer general questions regarding this programme for specific questions, please contact GAO directly.