Rector co-unveils plaque for Taiwan University’s innovative medicines research centre

University of Macau (UM) Rector Wei Zhao was recently invited by Taiwan University to attend the inauguration ceremony for its research centre for innovative medicines, on behalf of Peking University, the University of Hong Kong and UM, three institutions which previously co-established a joint research centre for Chinese innovative medicines in collaboration with Taiwan University. Rector Wei Zhao co-officiated at the plaque-unveiling ceremony together with Taiwan University President Si-Chen Lee, Taiwan University President-Designate Pan-Chyr Yang, and other distinguished guests.


Rector Wei Zhao noted in his speech that last year the four universities signed in Beijing a collaboration agreement on the establishment of a joint research centre for Chinese innovative medicines, the first agreement that involves the four Chinese-speaking regions (mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao) in the collaboration on innovative medicines. He added that the research centre will allow the four universities to combine their academic strengths and research characteristics, thereby co-developing world-class innovative medicines and health products. Rector Wei Zhao remarked that the permanent secretariat of the joint research centre is currently at UM. He mentioned that UM, in its current role as the coordinator, will provide a quality platform for the four universities to collaborate on the R&D activities concerning innovative medicines. He encouraged scholars from the Greater China region to visit UM for exchange and collaboration.


After the inauguration ceremony, Rector Wei Zhao and Director of UM’s Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences Wang Yitao visited Academia Sinica to learn about the latest development of the institution in its collaboration with the industry on R&D activities concerning innovative medicines, as well as its experience in the transfer of biological technologies. UM delegation were warmly received by Academia Sinica President Chi-Huey Wong, Vice Presidents Chien-Jen Chen and Shie-Ming Peng, as well as Director of the Gemonics Research Center of Academia Sinica Chung-Hsuan Chen. President Chi-Huey Wong and Rector Wei Zhao said that both sides could carry out collaboration in medicine and other areas in the future.