UM’s Education Model

UM’s education model encompasses education, research, internship and community education, all with equal emphasis and importance. UM has devoted abundant resources in excelling the teaching and research quality, while entering cooperation with local and foreign institutions and enterprises to offer exchange and internship opportunities for students. Besides, in order to enrich university life and achieve the goal of whole person development, UM has implemented Asia’s first and largest Residential College system which offers students with a unique community atmosphere and learning opportunities outside the classrooms.

Global Recognition

A young and vibrant university, UM has gradually paved its way onto the global higher education radar. The university itself and its many subjects have been recognized by major higher education rankings: UM is currently ranked 60th among the world’s young universities and 6th in terms of international outlook in Times High Education University Rankings; while subjects such as Hospitality and Leisure Management, Engineering and Technology and Computer Science have appeared in QS World University Rankings by Subjects, holding positions in top 200 or above.

An Open, Safe and Diverse Campus

Located on the east bank of the Hengqin Island and occupying 1.09 square kilometres, the UM campus offers a modern and tranquil environment for studying and living in a harmonious blend of South China and South European architectural styles. Apart from the modern teaching, research, dormitory and college buildings, students will also find numerous sports and recreational venues, open areas and Macao’s biggest library. Several stores and food outlets are within close reach in the university mall or found in all areas of the campus. The university security team, clinic and public services (police and firefighter stations) on campus will provide immediate assistance in case of need.

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