UC Berkeley Visiting Student Researcher and Post Doctoral Affairs Program

UC Berkeley is an internationally renowned public university in USA.  University of Macau and UC Berkeley joined as partners officially in 2007, the two universities foster their effort to encourage the exchange of researchers, graduate students, and faculty.  In each academic year, UM can nominate qualified students who shall study at the host universities for up to two semesters.  At UC Berkeley, the student will obtain the status of Visiting Student Researcher and will audit classes at Berkeley.


The academic year at UC Berkeley begins in mid-August in Berkeley and ends at the last week in May in the following year.  GAO only accepts applications in the form of recommendation by faculty (Dean).  Applications from individual students will not be considered by UC Berkeley without GAO’s endorsement. GAO will call for Deans’ nomination in January/ February each year, interested students should approach your faculty for application details.


GAO provides general administrative support, applications guidelines and advices on the programme.  Successful applicants are eligible to apply for scholarship supported by UM which is able to cover part of the expenses.


For details, please visit: https://vspa.berkeley.edu/postdocs