Two types of scholarships are created to promote mobility of students and enhance the internationalization of University of Macau, and to enrich students’ international exposure and experience.

The below scholarships are available to provide financial assistance

  • Outgoing Exchange Scholarship (OES)
  • Macao Foundation Outgoing Exchange Scholarship (MFOES)

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Eligibility & Selection Criteria

  1. Applicants are required to participate in a regular credit-bearing exchange programme offered by University of Macau at University-level or Faculty-level.
  2. Duration of exchange should be from one semester to one year.
  3. The minimum cumulative GPA for the Scholarship is at least 3.0 (FLL students: 14/20).
  4. Applicants cannot receive double subsidy/ funding for outgoing exchange at the same time for the same exchange programme from UM and/or other entities.
  5. Applicants can only apply for the Scholarship ONCE in each academic year.

OES Applicants can only apply ONE of the following types:

TYPE 1 – Financial Neediness
TYPE 2 – Academic Standing
TYPE 3 – Special Recommended Exchange Programmes
TYPE 4 – Postgraduate Student Exchange
TYPE 5 – UC Berkeley Visiting Student Researcher and Post Doctoral Affairs Program

Outgoing Exchange Scholarship Macao Foundation Outgoing Exchange Scholarship
Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5
Selection Criteria 1. CGPA

2. Family Income

3.Academic Award

Eligible Programmes Undergraduate Exchange Programmes Postgraduate Exchange Programmes Undergraduate Exchange and Study Abroad Programmes
Eligibility Macao Permanent Residents Only All UM Exchange Students Applicants of Type 3  Programmes All UM Exchange Students Nominated by Dean and accepted by UC Berkeley Programmes Macao Local Students Only
Other Measures
  1. In case the number of application exceeds that of the quota, students who have the same grade will be selected based on the below measures:
    – Participation in extracurricular activities
    – Prizes, Honours, Scholarly awards and activities participated
  2. There is no minimum CGPA requirement for Type 4, however, the academic standing of applicants must be good.
  3. Interview may be conducted for final assessment.
  1. Applicants of OES Type 1 will need to fill in the Income and Expenses Declaration and its supplementary forms that reflect the family’s financial situation in past 12 months.
  2. Eligible applicants can apply both OES and MFOES at the same time, however, successful applicants of both scholarships are only allowed to receive either one scholarship.


Special Recommended Exchange Programmes for Exchange in Academic Year 2018/2019 Semester 2

Faculties Recommended Exchange Programmes
Faculty of Arts and Humanities Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Leiden University, Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Business Administration Assumption University of Thailand
Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestao
Faculty of Education Taiwan Normal University
The Education University of Hong Kong
Faculty of Law University of Minho, School of Law
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Faculty of Social Sciences Université Catholique de Lille
Shan Tou University
Faculty of Science and Technology University of Porto
University of Jaén
Global Affairs Office Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Zhejiang University

Funding Criteria & Penalty System

The Scholarship is aimed to partially cover the following expenses during the student’s exchange period:

  • Round-trip air ticket and other modes of transportation between Macao / Hong Kong / home city and Host University on arrival and departure dates
  • Medical / health / travel insurance
  • Accommodation during exchange
  • Other mandatory fees and charges imposed by Host University

The amount of Scholarship (one semester) will vary according to destination countries or regions as per the table shown below:

Destination Countries/ Regions OES* MFOES**
Type 1 Type 2 – 4 
Zone 1 Americas
(South, North and Central) and Europe
MOP   30,000 MOP   22,000 MOP 20,000
Zone 2 Oceania
(Australia and New Zealand) and Africa
MOP 26,000 MOP 18,700 MOP 17,000
Zone 3 Japan and South Korea MOP   18,000 MOP   13,200 MOP 12,000
Zone 4 Asia
(except for Japan and South Korea)
MOP 14,000 MOP 10,000 MOP 10,000

*Successful OES applicant who has an exchange period of 1 year will only receive ONE semester scholarship.
** Successful MFOES applicant who has an exchange period of 1 year will receive TWO semesters scholarship.

Scholarship Arrangement

Successful applicants have to submit the following documents before departure:


Obligation of Scholarship Recipients
Scholarship recipients have to attend the “Exchange Students Sharing and Information Section” after the exchange and share their experience or assist interested students who are going to join the same exchange programmes as the recipients. Students who have queries on pre-departure preparation can contact scholarship recipients through the contact provided.


Scholarship Penalty System
Scholarship Recipients have to submit a hard copy of transcript at host institution to Global Affairs Office for evaluation.  The latest submission deadline is 31 April (For Batch 1) and 30 November (For Batch 2). In case no transcript is received upon deadline, all your transcript and testimonial will be on hold until further notice.

Academic achievement Scholarship Penalty
Applicants of undergraduate programmes pass one-third but fail two-thirds of the enrolled credits at the Host University 50% of the amount of Scholarship will be fined
Applicants of undergraduate programmes do not pass one-third of the enrolled credits at Host University Full amount of Scholarship will be fined
Applicants of postgraduate programmes do not satisfy the academic requirement as reviewed by the faculty Full amount of Scholarship will be fined
Withdrawal before/ during exchange period Full amount of Scholarship will be fined
Applicants transfer to Host University/ other university and do not return to UM Full amount of Scholarship will be fined

*Exceptional cases will be considered by the Outgoing Exchange Scholarship Committee on individual basis.

Schedule and Applications

Applications will be invited twice a year.


Batch 1
(Exchange in Semester 1)
Batch 2
(Exchange in Semester 2)
January August Outgoing Exchange Scholarship Briefing
February September – October Calling for Applications
March – April October – November Assessment of Applications
May – June November – December Notification of Result
June December Submission of Required Documents
July January Scholarship Disbursement


Application Period

Batch 1
(For Exchange in Semester 1 & Full Year)
1 February 2018, 10:00 – 2 March 2018, 23:59
Batch 2
(For Exchange in Semester 2)
17 September 2018, 10:00 – 19 October 2018, 23:59


Online Application

Apply the Scholarship via the online application system: (OESAS):


Supplementary Documents

Applicants have to submit the following supplementary documents if you apply for OES Type 1 / MFOES.

Outgoing Exchange Scholarship Type 1 (Financial Neediness)

Macao Foundation Outgoing Exchange Scholarship

  • Macao ID Copy
  • Student ID Copy
  • Latest Academic Transcript


  1. Once you have submitted your exchange application, you can apply for the OES/MFOES. Applicants do not need to wait for the result of your exchange application. GAO will double check your application status with faculty coordinators during applications assessment.
  2. Applicants are suggested to access the online application system by using Firefox and Internet Explorer. Successful applicants will receive a notification email after a completed application. In case you do not receive any notification email, please contact Global Affairs Office.
  3. Please check carefully whether you have submitted your application successfully. Late and incomplete application will not be considered.
  4. Please read through the Outgoing Exchange Scholarship Guideline and Macao Foundation Outgoing Exchange Scholarship Guideline before you start the application.