The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience ( IAESTE ) is an independent, non-profit and non-political student exchange organisation, as well as the largest organisation of its kind in the world. It provides paid, course-related internships for students in the science and engineering disciplines, and high quality trainees for long or short term projects for employers. Currently, there are over 80 countries and regions involved and over 4000 internships exchanged per year.

IAESTE China Macau SAR

IAESTE China Macau SAR (IAESTE Macao) was officially established in February 2004 at University of Macau to launch IAESTE activities. Currently, IAESTE Macao is cross-departmentally administered by full-time staff of University of Macau.

IAESTE Macao provides international placement for students to get technical experience and enrich their cultural horizons abroad. We welcome FHS, FST and ICMS students with good academic standing to contact us and look for internship opportunities.

Outbound Students

Why should I apply for IAESTE internship?

  • Make your CV shine!
  • Get reasonable subsidy from your employer
  • Gain technical experience in a real working environment
  • Make new friends and expand your social network
  • Improve your language and communication skills


Application Flow

Time Stage of Application
February Call for application

Submit application to faculty

late February – mid-March Selection Stage 1: Screening by Faculty

Selection Stage 2: Interview by IAESTE Macao

>> Selected candidates prepare nomination package

End of March Deadline of submission of nomination package
April – May Selection Stage 3: Assessment by IAESTE  host office at the destination

Selection Stage 4: Employer’s Decision

Announcement of results

>> Students prepare for internship and apply for Visa (if required)

>> IAESTE host office will confirm accommodation and other arrangements with the students directly

June – Beginning of internship




  • full-time UM students in FHS , FST or ICMS
    *exchange students are NOT eligible; please contact the Local Committee in your home university
  • good academic standing
  • good English level
  • outgoing, self-motivated and willing to accept new challenges

Remark for students in their final year of study:

Due to immigration policies, most countries require the students to have an active student status during the entire internship. Students who are graduating before the end of training (Year 4 undergraduate students, or post-graduate students who have scheduled their oral defense in the current year) may not be able to obtain visa. Failure to prove an active student status may lead to termination of training, even if the employer has accepted the application. Please consult our office or the academic advisor in your faculty before applying.


Application Information

Application for IAESTE Programme 2019 is now open. Please prepare the following application documents and submit to your faculty general office.

Deadline: 5pm, 25 February 2019

Application Documents:

1) Application Form (Click to download)

2) C.V.

3) Cover Letter

4) Academic Records (printed from ISW) or Transcript

 ***A briefing and Q&A session will be held on 19 Feb 2019, 12:30, at E11-G015 (Faculty of Science and Technology). Please follow the e-bulletin closely for more updates***

Available Offers in 2019





City Offer










FST / CEE Poland Szczecin PL-2019-ZUT032 Kozlowski – Projekt 6-8
01/03/2019 – 30/09/2019 View
Germany Kaiserslautern DE-2019-1040-1 Technical University Kaiserslautern 8-12
01/01/2019 – 31/12/2019 View
Poland Poznan PL-2019-PPO008 Poznan University of Technology – Institute of Environmental Engineering 6
03/06/2019 – 12/07/2019 View
Portugal Lisbon PT-2019-17 CERIS – Civil Engineering Research and Innovation for Sustainability 12
01/03/2019 – 30/07/2019
15/09/2019 – 15/12/2019
FST / CIS Spain Madrid ES-2019-5102 Desarrollos Informáticos Intelygenz S.A. 6-52
01/06/2019 – 31/05/2020 View
Switzerland Zurich CH-2019-000112 CyQuant 16-26
07/01/2019 – 30/09/2019 View
Czech Republic Brno CZ-2019-100018 Brno University of Technology 6-8
01/07/2019 – 06/09/2019 View
Austria Vienna AT-2019-6009VI Sit Solutions AT Spardat GmbH 4-9
01/07/2019 – 31/08/2019 View
FST / ECE Serbia Belgrade RS-2019-1165 Montprojekt 8
24/06/2019 – 30/08/2019 View
Portugal Lisbon PT-2019-22 Instituto de Telecomunicações – IT-IUL 12
17/09/2019 – 21/12/2019 View
FST / EME Thailand Bangkok TH-2019-U01-12 King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok 12
Jun – Aug 2019
Nov 2019 – Jan 2020
Czech Republic Liberec CZ-2019-040002 Technical University of Liberec 6-8
05/08/2019 – 27/09/2019 View
Serbia Belgrade RS-2019-1109 Energoprojekt – ENTEL 8-12
24/06/2019 – 13/09/2019 View
Serbia Belgrade RS-2019-1133 Institut Mihajlo Pupin 8-12
24/06/2019 – 20/09/2019 View
UK Edinburgh UK-2019-309-04 Edinburgh Napier University 6 weeks 03/06/2019 – 30/08/2019 View
FST / MAT Poland Lodz PL-2019-PLO050 Institute of Applied Computer Science, Image Processing and Analysis – TUL 6-12
01/07/2019 – 27/09/2019 View
FHS Japan Tokyo JP-2019-54UTK Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology,
University of Tokyo
04/06/2019 – 30/09/2019 View
Poland Lodz PL-2019-PLO009 Institute of General Food Chemistry, Department of Bio-organic Chemistry – TUL 6
01/07/2019 – 16/18/2019 View
Poland Lodz PL-2019-ULO005 University of Lodz, Department of Molecular Genetics 6
03/06/2019 – 31/07/2019 View
ICMS Poland Szczecin PL-2019-ZUT017 West Pomeranian University of Technology 13-14
01/10/2019 – 29/02/2020 View

How to read an offer form:

1. Employer Information: Apart from the basic information, research on internet to know more about the university/company (useful for the preparation of CV and any interviews).

2. Student Required: Read carefully if your current or previous studies match the disciplines and field(s) of study, the required knowledge and skills, language and other requirements. Students should meet the completed years of study.

3. Work Offered: Read very carefully and understand the job description. You will decide the number of weeks within the set period.
For example, for an offer that requires “6-8 weeks, within 1 Sep 2019 – 31 Dec 2019”, you can choose 2 Sep 2019 – 18 Oct 2019 (7 weeks).

4. Accommodation and Additional Information: Check who will provide the accommodation,  type and rent. If the accommodation needs to be arranged by the students themselves, the IAESTE Office in the destination will usually give you guidance after you have been accepted.

Reminder and Advice:

1. Choose an offer that suits your interest and capability, not because of the touristic appeal of the destination country or city. You are expected to learn and perform the tasks in the internship.

2. If you are a Master or PhD. student, please inform and get consent from your supervisor.

3. Seek help from the IAESTE Academic Advisor in your faculty or contact IAESTE Macao office if you have any doubts or if you need guidance (see Contact Us).

Inbound Students

Greetings from Macao!

The IAESTE Macao team looks forward to hosting you in this small and vibrant city, one of the most important if not the first hub where the East meets West. Here, you will experience a combination of our rich traditional culture and exciting modern lifestyle.

We hope you will enjoy your training and the unique blend of cultures here. We have prepared this Handbook for Incoming Trainees and outlined all you need to know and prepare for your internship. Please read it carefully and contact us any time if you have any doubts or questions.


If you have not been contacted by IAESTE Macao two weeks before your arrival, please contact us immediately at iaeste_enquiry@um.edu.mo.


Application for IAESTE Internship in Macau SAR

IAESTE Macao will only consider nominations sent by the official IAESTE offices. If you wish to apply for IAESTE Internship in Macao, please consult the IAESTE National or Local  Committees in your country or region.

Here is a list of documents that we require for nomination:

  1. Student Nominated Form (SN Form)
  2. C.V. / Resume
  3. Motivation letter addressed to the employer
  4. Official Certificate of Enrolment
  5. Official Transcript
  6. Recommendation letter (optional)
  7. IAESTE English language certificate (if English is not the language of instruction in your university)
  8. Other supporting documents or certificates related to your application (optional)
  9. Passport Copy
  10. Photo

The documents should be combined into one pdf. file according to the order above. The file size should not exceed 2MB and uploaded to the IAESTE Exchange Platform (EP). Please consult your IAESTE Committee for document templates and more information.

Employers & Institutions

Why take a trainee ?

By being a placement provider, you:

  • Give an opportunity to a local student to be exchanged abroad
  • Internationalize the working environment
  • Get a skilled and reliable employee selected under a competitive basis
  • Bring in new ideas into your team


Roles and Responsibilities – Yours and Ours

If you would like to be a placement provider, you should provide:

  • Training supervision and a clear work schedule
  • Payment for the student (it should be able to cover basic costs, including food, transportation, other incidental expenses, and housing if covered by the employer)
  • Complete employer’s report after training


IAESTE Macao will help you in:

  • Administrative duties related to IAESTE
  • Communications with IAESTE offices overseas
  • Obtaining visas for incoming trainees
  • Orientation for trainees to adapt to life in Macao

If you are interested in hosting an incoming trainee, please contact us at iaeste_enquiry@um.edu.mo. Job-raising is scheduled in September to December every year.

Contact Us

Administrative Office

IAESTE China Macau SAR

Global Affairs Office
University of Macau
Administration Building (N6)
Av. da Universidade, Taipa, Macau, China



UM Academic Advisors of IAESTE Programme

Prof. LAM Chi Chiu, Angus

Faculty of Science and Technology

University of Macau



Prof. HOI Pui Man, Maggie

Institute for Chinese Medical Sciences

University of Macau



Prof. LEE Tsz On, Leo

Faculty of Health Sciences

University of Macau